Dead Before Dawn

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The film follows a bunch of college kids who accidentally unleash an evil curse that causes people to kill themselves and turn into Zombie Demons, aka ZEMONS! The film stars Devon Bostick, Christopher Lloyd, Martha MacIsaac, Brandon Jay McLaren, Kyle Schmid, Brittany Allen, Rossif Sutherland, Tim Doiron, April Mullen, Ellen Dubin and Kevin McDonald. Dead Before Dawn 3D was the first fully Canadian live action Stereoscopic Feature Film and marks April Mullen as the youngest and only female director of this kind.

Over the last year Dead Before Dawn 3D has been traveling overseas and around the world. It won the prestigious Perron Crystal Award for “Best Live Action 3D” in Liege, Belgium and closed the Tiff Next Wave Film Festival in Toronto. The film also recently screened at San Diego Comic Con and was nominated for 5 Canadian Comedy Awards including Best Film, Best Director, Best Writer, Actor and Actress.