Dead Before Dawn

San Diego Comic Con Screening of Dead Before Dawn 3D

San Diego Comic Con presented an Exclusive screening of Dead Before Dawn 3D on July 19th, 2013. Director April Mullen (Becky Fords) and writer Tim Doiron (Seth Munday) were in attendance, joined by their fellow cast members Devon Bostick (Casper Galloway), Martha MacIsaac (Charlotte Baker) and Brandon Jay McLaren (Dazzle Darlington).

Dead Before Dawn was honoured to be screened at San Diego Comic Con, just weeks before its U.S. On Demand release date, August 2nd, 2013.

Dead Before Dawn’s cast and crew were featured on a Comic Con panel hosted by Movies On Demand and also had some fun with a Rotten Tomatoes round table. ¬†For more Photos please check out our

Check out some of the action in the videos below!