Dead Before Dawn

Prestigious International 3D Award goes to Dead Before Dawn 3D

Liege, Belgium December 11, 2012 - Dead Before Dawn 3D does Canada a great honour by receiving the now famous 3D “Perron Crystal Award” at the Royal Wallonie Opera House as part of the 3D Stereo Media Summit and Film Festival.

For the fourth year, the 3D Film Festival was held in conjunction with the 3D Stereo MEDIA Summit.  Over the span of 4 days world leading 3D professionals fly in from all around the globe to celebrate, discuss and discover new 3D achievements.

This year 3D mastermind Ben Stassen was the president of the jury alongside Fabien Remblier, Greg Passmore, Florian Maier, Kommer Kleijn, Buzz Hays, Sylvain Grain, and Joséphine Derobe.  President Jim Chabin from the International 3D Society (Hollywood, California) and several members were also in attendance to celebrate the Perron Crystal Awards and the European 3D Creative Arts Awards.

Dead Before Dawn 3D was Awarded the 3D “Perron Crystal Award” in the category: Long Movie in Real Images.  The Perron of Crystal is a piece of crystal artwork specially produced by crystal manufacture of the Van Saint-Lambert for the 3D Film Festival.  April Mullen (director/producer) and Tim Doiron (producer/writer) from WANGO Films were in Belgium to accept the award.


“We were honoured to be a part of the festival and to be nominated for such a distinctive award, surrounded by the world’s top 3D specialists.  Being at the awards ceremony in the breathtaking Royal Wallonie Opera House and winning the Perron Crystal Award for our extremely hard work in 3D was exhilarating.  We share this award with our talented and passionate Stereographer, Jeff Packer, cast, crew, Red Lab Digital, DJ Woods, Billy White, Telefilm Canada and the OMDC.  The 3D behind Dead Before Dawn 3D would not have been possible without the belief and magic that everyone involved brought to the project.”  Mullen expresses.

“There are so few independent 3D filmmakers in the world and creating strong, innovative 3D is extremely difficult, so it was reinvigorating to be surrounded by the world’s top 3D experts and humbling to have be given such an important award.  We shot Dead Before Dawn 3D in a record breaking 20 days with 2 years of pre-planning for the 3D.  At the time we shot the film the 3D workflow did not even exist, but here we are on the other side now. The award is a symbol that anything is possible.”  Doiron says.

Dead Before Dawn 3D was the first fully Canadian live action Stereoscopic Feature Film and marks April Mullen as the youngest and only female director of this kind.  The film follows a bunch of college kids who accidentally unleash an evil curse that causes people to kill themselves and turn into Zombie Demons, aka ZEMONS!  The film stars Devon Bostick, Christopher Lloyd, Martha MacIsaac, Brandon Jay McLaren, Kyle Schmid, Brittany Allen, Rossif Sutherland, Tim Doiron, April Mullen, Ellen Dubin and Kevin McDonald.

The North American Theatrical Release for Dead Before Dawn 3D is slated for early summer 2013.