Dead Before Dawn

Dead Before Dawn 3D Opens in theatres in Russia

[October 19, 2012 Moscow, Russia] Dead Before Dawn 3D’s Russian Distributor Big Movie “Наше кино” is set to unveil the feature film to theatres across Russia mid October. Canada’s first fully Canadian live action 3D Feature Film will be opening in over 300 theatres in 3D.

The Russian title “САМЫЙ СТРАШНЫЙ ФИЛЬМ 3D” translates to “The Scariest Movie 3D” – obviously pushing the comedic aspects of the film. Director/Actress April Mullen “Эйприл Маллен” and Writer/Actor Tim Doiron “Тим Дойрон” were part of the Press Screening and Red Carpet Premiere in Moscow, Russia at Theatre Kodak Kinomir.

Russian Distributor Big Movie hired several famous Russian Celebrities for the dubbing of the film. The famous Russian Singer/Actor Nikita Dzhigurda “Никита Джигурда” was cast to play the voice of the legendary Christopher Lloyd. TV star and Personality Svetlana Kuritsyna (Sveta from Ivanovo) “Света из Иваново” will be dubbing for Brittany Allen.

Roma Zholud “Рома Желудь” a Russian YouTube sensation know as “Roma Acorn”, an Actor/Model/Singer who has over 50 Million hits on YouTube, was a part of the dubbing cast, along with L’One, a famous Russian Rap star, who made his dubbing debut in the film. A famous Ukrainian song by Valentin Strykalo was added, making for a unique cultural reference in the film.

“We absolutely loved the dubbing and were really impressed by the actors and the dialogue Director Sergey Sulimenko “Сергей Сулименко” – it was flawless.” States April Mullen.

“It’s exciting and surreal to have the film overseas. It was our greatest hope that we could share the film with international audiences.” Says Tim Doiron.

According to the Distributor, the process would be “very cool and wildly funny.” Advertising included over 3000 posters, 600,000 flyers, 600 city-formats, 300 floor stickers as well as billboards, TV commercials and radio ads.

“We feel thrilled to be opening in Russia and look forward to rolling the film out around the world.” Mullen and Doiron state.

Dead Before Dawn 3D’s North American release is slated for March 2013.