Dead Before Dawn

Dead Before Dawn 3D Acquired by Gaiam Vivendi for US

TIFF 2012 (September 10, 2012) – Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment has acquired US rights to April Mullen and Tim Doiron’s “Dead Before Dawn 3D.” The film has been garnering a lot of industry attention recently, being one of the few independent 3D Feature Films achieved for a modest budget and targeted at a commercial audience. Dead Before Dawn 3D, which was shot entirely in stereoscopic 3D, follows “a bunch of college kids that accidentally unleash an evil curse that causes people to kill themselves and turn into Zombie Demons, aka Zemons.” 

Emmy Award winner Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) plays the occult shop-running grandfather of Casper Galloway, played by Devon Bostick (Diary of a Wimpy Kid Trilogy). The ensemble cast includes Martha MacIsaac, Brandon Jay McLaren, Tim Doiron, Brittany Allen, Kyle Schmid, Kevin McDonald, Ellen Dubin and Rossif Sutherland.

“Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment is thrilled to be picking up ‘Dead Before Dawn 3D’ and we look forward to working with the dynamic team behind this project to reach maximize the distribution potential of this highly commercial film in the US market”. Sam Toles, Vice President of Content and Acquisitions.

“We are thrilled to be working alongside an innovative distribution company that’s extremely passionate about the film and its release,” says the film’s Director April Mullen. “In the current market place where independent film distribution needs to be uniquely specialized on a project-to-project basis we believe Gaiam Vivendi will work with us to reach our audience.”

Dead Before Dawn 3D is the first all Canadian Film to be shot in Stereoscopic 3D and marks April Mullen as the youngest director and only female to achieve a fully stereoscopic feature. The US Theatrical date is yet to be announced.

The President of VMI Worldwide, Andre Relis, who’s handling International Sales says, “The acquisition by Gaiam Vivendi reinforces the fact that there’s a healthy appetite for independent 3D films if the content is right. The film has already sold in numerous countries around the world and we are very happy with its movement in the international marketplace thus far.”

Dead Before Dawn 3D is the third feature film from April Mullen and Tim Doiron’s production company WANGO Films. Their first two films Rock, Paper, Scissors: the Way of the Tosser and GravyTrain were released by Alliance Films.

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